JUST IN HOURS FAST SERVICE (U) LIMITED is your home away from home! You can Contacts us for all constructional work (Building/Hotel/Swimming pool/Fence/Trench),Borehole (Drilling, Construction and Repair)/ Underground Tanks Building/Transport Services/ Travel and Tour, with us through out East Africa.

  • Uganda and Rwanda are well-known for their wild gorillas & chimpanzees, friendly people and eye-catching nature. Please tour with us we are
  • Fast and personal service.
  • Sustainable leader in Uganda
  • Own car park and workshop
  • Original and innovative
  • Group tours, private tours and tailor made tours for all budgets
  • • Track gorillas & chimps in the spectacular rainforests of Uganda on a 7 day tour
    • Enjoy game drives, boat journeys and walking safaris plus Africa’s best birding
    • Meet colorful local communities, traditional villages and a visit a local school 
    • Using comfortable wildlife lodges, the tour includes a local charity donation

Please contact us here, jitservicesuganda@gmail.com


Your comfort is our goal. We have created a restful retreat that you can think of as your home away from home when you’re in the area. We offer services for any traveler, whether you’re on business or your journey is for pleasure. When you plan your visit, consider us for your stay.


Vehicle charges per day to all destinations:

Town running (4WD, station wagons, Min buses and pickups) (4X4) 9–14 is at $75 without fuel 

4wd Minibus

The 4WD minibuses and Costas 4WD we have are contented. The mini buses have a pop-up roof but the Costas 4WD , soft suspension and quality seats for a perfect safari understanding. Due to the 4wd and powerful engine it will get through most difficult areas. The minibus offers an reasonably priced way of transport for tours. 

  1. Off Kampala, Entebbe, Wakiso, Mukono, (4X4) 9–14 $62.5 without fuel (for Min buses.
  2. Jinja, Luwero, Mpigi, and Mityana (4X4) 9–14$75 without fuel (for Min buses)
  3. Up country ( other districts ) (4X4) 9–14 $104 without fuel (for Min buses)
  4. East African Countries, ) (4X4) 9–14 $120 without fuel 


Hope this can help you to give you a picture where we can begin,


Meals are carefully prepared every day depending on the season and ingredients are locally sources from surrounding farming communities. Breakfast is typically continental while lunch and dinners are a combination of barbeques, table d’hote and a la carte menus.

The service is gracious and kind - the lodge is a part of Marasa that also owns Paraa Lodge and the most awesome lodge in Uganda - Chobe Lodge, both Paraa and Chobe are at Murchison Falls Park.It's a fifteen minute drive from the main road, but the scenery is nice


What Previous Visitors to Uganda say....
Uganda is a fascinating country complete with fantastic tourist attractions, superb accommodations and gracious hospitality. In fact, Uganda has such a wealth of attractions that a single visit to this wonderful country will not be enough to discover all of the many tourism venues that it offers.......

In my opinion, Uganda is poised to be recognized as the most thrilling of African holiday destinations. But above all other features, is the surprising welcome that comes from the heart of the Ugandan people who are among the most hospitable in all of Africa........

Uganda is also home to several unique tourist attractions that cover the gamut from historical to cultural to eco-tourism. These include Lake VictoriaThe Mountains of the Moon, The Source of the Nile, the Mountain Gorillas, and many fabulous Ugandan 

Our Staff

Our friendly and helpful staff will make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. This is our home, and it's our mission to help you feel at home too!

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Best Tours in East Africa with Professional Drivers and the same time guides, we do Community fields and Community Development so try us and see the difference.

When you tour with us part of your contribution goes to support the water and sanitation project in the Needy Communities.

 Short back ground about the first project.

In rural areas Lack of water and sanitation is already exposing to more dangers like battering, rape and poverty. But with the looming impacts expected due to climate change, these dangers are feared to double.

Children and women draw their drinking water mainly from surface sources, such as ponds, rivers, and lakes. These same sources are used by cattle and other livestock, and other domestic uses. These water sources also serve as breeding grounds for bacteria and diseases.


The overall objective of this project is the improvement of health and sanitation standards for entire communities.

The outcome of this a project is a strong partnerships formed with individuals and donors for sustainable support for water and sanitation programmes.

Hope this can help you to give you a picture where we can begin,